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Executive Director Cliff Nellis recommends business practices in policing in an op-ed in Crain’s Chicago Business.

Matthew McFarland shares his personal story and talks about LCLC’s mission on WLS ‘Take 1’ with Bill Cameron.

Block Club Chicago shares news that LCLC received a state grant for its Community Release with Support program.

Executive Director Cliff Nells appears on the American Bar Association Journal’s ‘Asked & Answered’ podcast.

LCLC partners with The Bail Project on this op-ed to explain the benefits of Community Release with Support in this Springfield newspaper.

Crain’s Chicago Business published an op-ed by Executive Director Cliff Nellis, which explains how holistic social services can be part of the solution when cash...

'The 21st Show' interviews representatives from LCLC and The Bail Project about efforts to connect people to employment, educational opportunities, affordable housing and healthcare.

Several West Side organizations have come together to launch "Justice Rising: Project 77" which will provide legal aid and social services to young people in...