Criminal Legal Defense

Lawndale Christian Legal Center is the only community-based legal practice in Chicago dedicated to the felony criminal defense of juveniles and emerging adults.

Our legal practice grew out of the community’s expressed need for competent, affordable legal services and is a key part of our larger mission of violence prevention. Since we opened our doors in 2010, we have provided zealous, holistic, criminal defense, free of charge, to the youth of North Lawndale. And we have walked over a thousand of them through, and away from, the criminal justice system for good.

This a critical time of life for juveniles and emerging adults, 18-24 years old. They are the ones most affected by both neighborhood violence and aggressive policing. In Illinois, emerging adults are imprisoned at twice the rate of adults. Nationally, 75% of that age group who are released from incarceration are rearrested within 3 years.

We actively guide and support our clients through all phases of the legal system. Because by standing to defend them, we defend their future, the community’s safety and the integrity of the justice system as well.

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LCLC supports clients through all legal phases.