Holistic Approach

We must go beyond seeking better outcomes in court, to securing better outcomes in life.

Unemployment, addiction, trauma, mental health issues, housing instability…these are just some of the high risk factors for violence. Of the top risk factors for violence, 100% of our young clients have at least one of them. 93% have two or more. When we eliminate these risks, we eliminate the violence they create. 

That’s why, every one of our clients works with a dedicated case manager who coordinates a wraparound support team of legal, social, psychological and job training professionals.

This network creates an individual game plan to help our clients deal with the root causes of the issues they face, many stemming from the systemic racial and economic injustice they face every day.

This proven-on-the-ground program is our way of walking young people through, then away from, the criminal justice system and ending the cycle of violence they have been caught in. The only thing we ask of our clients is that they work with us throughout the whole process. Youth in neighborhoods like North Lawndale are often, rightfully, distrustful and disengaged. But LCLC outreach workers relentlessly work to establish a personal connection and provide mentorship. They tirelessly re-engage with our clients to keep them actively participating in services. We will be with them every step of the way, no matter how long it takes.

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What is a Holistic Approach?

Legal Defense

Social Services


Psychological Assessment/Treatment


Job Training