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We need to be talking more about criminal justice reform.

It’s not always easy to discuss the criminal justice system in this country, as much as it’s needed and as much as we may want to. Because it’s such an emotional issue, it’s often hard to know what to say about it, even to family and friends.

Of course, we sometimes see opinion-heavy, fact-challenged posts on social media about it. 

But we think facts are a better place to start and this cheat sheet is designed to put the facts at your fingertips.

At Lawndale Christian Legal Center, we're showing there's a better way.

We’re a community-led, restorative-justice-focused nonprofit that, for over 10 years, has been offering holistic criminal legal defense to Chicago’s most at-risk young people in North Lawndale, a neighborhood marked by deep economic and racial injustice.

And it’s working. We’ve seen hundreds of lives transformed. And the numbers back it up. For example, in 2019, when the national re-arrest rate was 75%, for our clients it was 8%. Yes, only 8%.

Rearrests for emerging adults, 24 years and under.
National Average

after 3 years

LCLC Clients


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