What can you do about racial injustice in Chicago? Help us make justice equal, so we #AllRise.

If you believe Black Lives Matter and care about racial justice in this city, you can help make a difference.

A lot of people say: “Black Lives Matter” and talk about the importance of racial justice. For over 10 years, at Lawndale Christian Legal Center, we’ve been putting our words into action. We’ve been hands on, on the ground, challenging the systemic racism that has made justice in this city unequal and has unfairly targeted young black men. And through our work, we’ve kept young people out of prison, helped them graduate, find jobs and be the people they were meant to be. Here are three simple ways you can help now:

Get the facts out there

There’s a lot of misinformation out there. A lot of opinions being shared about what’s going on with criminal justice in this country, without accurate information to back things up. We’ve made this free downloadable cheat sheet to help you whenever you find yourself discussing this with friends and family.

Support criminal justice reform in action

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Donate to help us support more young people in Lawndale

Right now, we don’t have enough resources to serve everyone who walks through our door. Your donation will help young people grow into the kind of citizens they were meant to be, make the community safer, and allow us to continue to work for real justice for all.

Our model for community-based justice is working.

Rearrests for emerging adults, 24 years and under.
National Average

after 3 years

LCLC Clients


How are we keeping young black men and women from being swallowed up by a criminal justice system that's anything but just?

Restorative Justice Focused

We work with young people under 25, those most affected by neighborhood violence and aggressive policing, with an emphasis on keeping them out of prison, keeping them from getting rearrested and repairing harm.

Whole Person Approach

Our holistic approach goes beyond just seeking better outcomes in court, to actually securing better outcomes in life, helping our clients deal with the root causes of the issues they face, many stemming from systemic racial and economic injustice.

Community Based and Led

Restoring the community begins with being a part of it. A majority of our staff lives here in North Lawndale and many grew up here. The people who come through our doors are more than clients, they’re our neighbors.  We see their strengths, hopes, and challenges every day.

Help us keep young black men out of jail and take a stand for racial justice in this city and this country.