We can put justice back in our criminal justice system.

We’ve already begun with youth in Lawndale.

The criminal justice system in our country is broken.

It’s costing too much and hurting us all. But we have a real solution: a restorative justice program in Chicago’s North Lawndale neighborhood where we’re offering holistic social and legal services to youth.

We’ve been doing this for over 10 years and our work defending young people, keeping them out of prison and giving them the resources they need to grow into the citizens they’re meant to be has been proven to reduce crime, provide greater safety for the community and law enforcement, increase opportunities and inspire hope in places where hope has been hard to come by.

We have so many stories to tell and powerful outcomes to share that we’re building a new website.

Please visit us again in April, when we debut the new site.

To learn more, or talk to someone about how you can be a part of restoring lives and communities and transforming criminal justice in this country, get in touch:

Lawndale Christian Legal Center
1530 S. Hamlin Ave
Chicago, IL 60623
773-762-6381 (office) • 773-762-9121 (fax)