Volunteer Opportunities

Mentor and Youth PhotoJoin Us!

Whether you are an attorney, social worker, pastor, fundraiser, grant writer, administrator, office manager, school teacher, tutor, probation officer, counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist, investigator, paralegal, police officer, judge, accountant, or someone who simply loves youth and wants to be a mentor, there is a place for you to volunteer at LCLC.

There are many ways to support our mission:

  • Walk alongside an LCLC youth by becoming a one-on-one mentor
  • Volunteer specialized skills in information technology, website development, graphic design, accounting, etc. to strengthen LCLC operations
  • Become a participating employer in LCLC’s Youth Employment Program and provide part-time job placements for LCLC youth
  • Host a house party or corporate networking event benefitting LCLC to introduce your friends and colleagues to LCLC
  • Engage with LCLC’s Youth Mock Trial Team through law firm visits and trial training for youth
  • Join the LCLC Young Professionals Council and plan LCLC “friendraiser” events
  •  Provide academic tutoring assistance to LCLC youth

Contact LCLC at info@lclc.net or 773-762-6381 for more information on getting involved.
Your unique heart, passion, gifts, and talents are welcome and needed!