Holistic Legal Services

LCLC provides holistic legal services, integrating legal representation and social services, for youth involved with the criminal justice system, age 24 and younger, in North Lawndale.

Full Legal Representation

We serve youth throughout the full duration of their involvement with the criminal justice system.  Our services begin while youth have a pending case in juvenile or adult criminal court and continue after the case is over during their period of probation, supervision, parole, or for six months if they are found not guilty.  On average, we work with youth for three years until they are completely free of the criminal justice system.

Case Management

Case managers create a customized intervention program for success, or “Game Plan,” with youth, identifying short and long term goals and the steps needed to achieve them.  The case manager brings together a support network consisting of the youth’s probation officer, family, teachers, mentors, and adults from supporting social service agencies.


One-on-one mentoring pairs youth with a dedicated, caring adult to help them develop positive pro-social attitudes and behaviors.  LCLC plans mentor/youth outings and supports mentors in developing genuine, long-term relationships with youth.

After School Program

Five days a week of after school and weekend programming targeted toward high school aged youth on probation.  Participants are referred by their probation officer through LCLC’s partnership with the Cook County Juvenile Probation Department.   Program curriculum includes life skills and employment training, academic tutoring, peace circles, substance abuse counseling, open gym, community service projects, and social outings.

Workforce Development Program

Three tiered job placement and job skills training program that provides supportive employment opportunities and prepares youth for future employment.  LCLC’s Court Advocacy Apprenticeship is part of the Workforce Development Program.

Advocacy and Community Outreach

LCLC provides legal education seminars at local schools and in partnership with other organizations so youth will know and exercise their legal rights.

Requirements for Programs

We require youth and young adults in our Juvenile Justice and Young Adult programs to do the following in exchange for our services:

  • Pay $25 processing fee for your case to be brought before Selection Committee
  • Work on developing and implementing a game plan with identified career goals and the steps needed to achieve those goals
  • Be engaged in a mentoring relationship