The Bail Project Partnership with LCLC has been making headlines in Chicago.

A $2.9 million partnership between LCLC and The Bail Project was announced at a press conference on December 7 at our offices in Lawndale. We are so excited to begin this partnership with The Bail Project, which is a national nonprofit with the mission of ending cash bail so that wealth does not determine whether someone is free pending trial. 

Together we have developed a new model to replace cash bail we call Community Release with Support (CRwS). This pilot program is the first in the country and we hope its success will be proven here in Chicago so it will become the national alternative to cash bail. 

Through the program, LCLC will connect people released on personal recognizance bonds with community-based, wrap-around services for employment, housing, mental health, substance use, violence prevention, medical care and other social needs. 

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