We are Violence Prevention

Preventing and ending violence is possible. We’ve seen it happen through our work here on Chicago’s West Side. But it requires a creative, holistic, community-based, restorative justice solution.

A solution that accounts for the injustice of the criminal justice system. A solution that supports our city’s most vulnerable - the youth and emerging adults who call it home.

Stopping The Cycle of Violence

Outreach Workers

mediate to delete, dissolve, and destroy violence

Case Managers

connect clients with wraparound services that provide a way out

Circle Keepers

facilitate healing and accountability in the community to stop violence


work to make sure clients get the equitable treatment and real justice they deserve

Lawyers. Outreach workers. Case Managers. Circle Keepers. Clients. Community. We are Violence Prevention.

We Staff

four positions - Attorney, Case Manager, Outreach Worker, Circle Keeper

We Engage

youth through much needed legal representation in diversion/deflection, probation, supervision, jail, and parole.

We Focus

on building a local network of support that eliminates the isolation and poverty that drive violent behavior.

We Invest

20% of our budget on attorneys and legal representation, and 80% on the community-based services that help make sure that legal representation is never needed again.

We Provide

restorative justice solutions, including financial, educational, and relational resources.

We Disrupt

the arrest / incarcerate / release / repeat cycle that the young people in our care desperately need to escape

We Support

as long as our clients need us.

We Create

engaged and active community builders.

We End

the cycle of violence for individuals, and for the city as a whole.

Bring your imagination.
Your heart & soul for this city.
And be part of this powerful work. With us.
BE violence prevention in Chicago.