We Can Put Justice Back in Our Criminal Justice System.

We’ve already begun in North Lawndale, one of the most segregated, under-resourced, and heavily policed neighborhoods in Chicago.

Don’t miss our Annual Fundraising Gala. Make a real difference in Chicago.

We’re on a mission to make the criminal justice system more humane, just and restorative. And it’s never been more apparent how important this work is, or how much it’s needed now. And of course, COVID-19 has made things even worse. Yet, while so many people want to help, it’s hard to know how.

Our annual fundraising gala is a great opportunity to join with others who care about criminal justice reform in Chicago, who care about youth in neighborhoods like Lawndale and who want to make a positive change in this city and have a real impact.  

We will be virtual this year, so it’s never been easier to be a part of this and help make real justice a reality for all. Get your tickets today.

Our model for community-based justice is working.

Rearrests for emerging adults, 24 years and under.
National Average

after 3 years

LCLC Clients


The Criminal Justice System in Our Country is Broken.

It’s costing too much and hurting us all. But we are standing at a pivotal moment where the conversation has begun in earnest about shifting power back to the community as a more effective way to ensure peace, make communities safer and provide equity for everyone. 

Over a decade ago at Lawndale Christian Legal Center, we committed to providing legal defense for juvenile and emerging adult clients in North Lawndale, keeping them out of prison, surrounding each one with the right resources to address the systemic problems threatening their future, and involving the community in seeking justice. We believe it is – and always has been – the most effective way to build a system that is fair for everyone.

This is a restorative justice program supported by holistic social and legal services that walk juveniles and emerging adults through, and away from, the court system for good. Through our work, we’ve been helping transform young lives tangled in a deeply flawed system, and inspiring hope in places where hope has been hard to come by.

How We Help Young People Find Equal Justice and Reclaim their future.

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Criminal Legal Defense

We work to break the arrest/incarcerate/release/repeat cycle that continues to threaten young lives and decimate the North Lawndale community.

Lawndale Chrisitian Law Center provides felony criminal defense of juveniles and emerging adults

Holistic Approach

Our experienced case managers lead a team that develops a personalized game plan of wraparound supports to meet our clients’ goals and needs.

Lawndale Christian Law Center is a community-based restorative justice program

Restorative Justice

We work to negotiate peace within the community and help emerging adults find a more constructive solution to repair harm than incarceration.

If you work within the criminal justice system, join us.

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