We're ready for cash bail to end in Illinois.

That’s just the right thing to do. It doesn’t make sense that wealth determines freedom while somebody awaits trial. So how do we support the law and safety? We connect people to the services they need to break the cycle of arrest and incarceration. This includes affordable housing, employment, education and treatment for addiction and mental health. And we believe our services work best when people voluntarily choose them.

In December 2021, The Bail Project partnered with Lawndale Christian Legal Center to link more people to social services. It was a $2.9 million investment in Chicago.

We do this work with an understanding of the fear of crime that people might feel right now. Here are three media resources that explain “the purge” is not coming:

Ending cash bail changes things for the better for so many people. Watch these video testimonials.

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"Safety Net"
featuring Matt McFarland
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"Living Proof"
featuring Deshawn Nelson
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featuring Dr. Dennis Deer & Rep. Lakesia Collins

Success Stories

How LCLC uses restorative justice to save lives and reduce violence.
In 2022, the Chicago Low-Income Housing Trust Fund partnered with us to provide affordable housing to clients.
After several stints in jail, Deshawn Nelson met Cliff Nellis and learned how his life could be different. This is his story.

Wrap Around Supports Address These Issues:

Affordable Housing

Job Training

Legal Defense

Mental Health Support

Addiction Treatment