Restorative Justice Hub Director


Restorative Justice Hub Director


Full-time Exempt

Reports to:

Executive Director (eventually Vice President of Restorative Justice)


Restorative Justice Trainer & Circle-Keeper


Commensurate with experience

Hire Date:

LCLC will close the posting as soon as we find an exceptional candidate

Who We Are 

Lawndale Christian Legal Center (LCLC) specializes in providing a unique form of holistic community- based criminal defense representation grounded in restorative justice principles to minors and emerging adults (24 and under) from North Lawndale. This highly relational and innovative model is performed by an interdisciplinary team of attorneys, case managers, outreach workers, and strategic community partners that provide developmentally appropriate supports for minors and emerging adults. The team identifies and meets the various needs of our youth at every phase of the criminal justice system: from diversion, arrest, through trial, and the completion of any period of probation, supervision, or parole, and beyond. By serving justice-involved minors and emerging adults holistically in their community, LCLC is leading the transformation of the traditional criminal justice system and establishing new best practices in community-based holistic interventions grounded in restorative justice that are more effective, cost less, and result in greater public safety for all. We believe our holistic, community-led (approximately 70% of our staff and Board of Directors are from North Lawndale) restorative justice model will transform the criminal justice system and end mass incarceration. More information on LCLC can be found at

Our North Lawndale Community

North Lawndale is a vibrant and resilient community and we are proud to be a part of it. Our office is located just next door to the Martin Luther King Jr. Legacy Apartments and Exhibit Center, built on the site where Dr. King lived for six months during his Chicago Freedom Campaign in 1966. North Lawndale is tightly-knit, and we are gratified by our affiliation with the Lawndale Community Church, an organization that has done so much to bring necessary health and legal services to the community. Unfortunately, following decades of disinvestment, “white flight”, redlining, and other harbingers of systemic poverty and violence, North Lawndale still suffers from high levels of poverty, economic hardship, violence, and over- policing. 

In North Lawndale, approximately 850 officers are assigned to the two police districts that patrol 35,000 residents. In addition, a significant percentage of specialized units (which are historically aggressive and abusive) have been ordered to rove in our community. More than 1,500 youth are arrested in North Lawndale yearly, the second highest rate in Chicago. Indiscriminate stops and searches of North Lawndale residents are a daily occurrence; 66% of adults surveyed perceived no legitimate reason for their most recent police stop. A startling 59% of adults in North Lawndale have been arrested, 30% convicted, and 27% jailed. 

Despite the seemingly insurmountable odds that our youths encounter within North Lawndale, namely the violence, poverty, and police brutality, they demonstrate hope, resolve, and a drive to make their neighborhood a better place. We are continually inspired by our clients’ resilience and positivity in the face of external challenges. It is both an honor and a privilege to help them walk them away from the criminal justice system and equip them to take control of their future.

Job Description

The Restorative Justice Hub Director (“RJ Hub Director”) is a member of LCLC’s Executive Team and  works closely with LCLC’s Directors to coordinate and connect LCLC youth to wrap around supportive  services as identified in their Individualized Treatment Plan and Repair of Harm Agreements. LCLC’s  holistic legal team creates Individualized Treatment Plans and Repair of Harm Agreements that identify  services our youth need. The RJ Hub Director works closely with LCLC’s Director of Holistic Legal Services, Director of Holistic Social Services, and the entire holistic legal team (attorneys, case managers,  and outreach workers) to form and manage critical partnerships with organizations that provide our youth  with needed wrap around support services. 

To ensure our justice-involved youth receive the supportive services they need, LCLC launched the North Lawndale Community Restorative Justice Hub (“RJ Hub”) in 2014. The RJ Hub is a local grassroots  collaboration of people who live, work, and/or worship in North Lawndale. RJ Hub members include local schools, after school programs, mental health providers, hospitals, health centers, churches, faith groups, mentoring, housing providers, family supports, community-based non-profits, residents, the 10th District police station, the local commissioner, and the local alderman. The RJ Hub meets monthly to build relationships, coordinate services for justice-involved youth, and build a safe, healthy, and thriving North  Lawndale community. 

In 2016, the RJ Hub worked with the Circuit Court of Cook County to design and launch the first Restorative  Justice Community Court (“RJCC”) in the country. The RJCC currently hears cases involving residents from  North Lawndale that are 18-26 years old and charged with a non-violent felony or misdemeanor. The RJCC works closely with RJ Hub members who provide victims and defendants (“participants”) with community based services such as restorative justice peace circles, case management, and wrap around services in housing, employment, education, mentoring, and mental health. The RJ Hub Director is responsible for  working with RJCC circle-keepers and case managers to identify and connect RJCC participants to services  identified in their Repair of Harm Agreement and Individualized Treatment Plans. LCLC is the lead agency responsible for the funding, coordinating, and training of RJ Hub members serving participants of the court.

The RJ Hub Director is responsible for coordinating the RJ Hub’s monthly meetings, fostering collaboration in our community, onboarding new hub members, and coordinating supportive services for LCLC youth and RJCC participants. The RJ Hub Director is responsible for creating subcontracts with RJ Hub members to provide services for LCLC’s youth and RJCC participants, gathering data and reports from RJ Hub members,  and ensuring consistent training for organizations serving justice-involved youth in North Lawndale. LCLC’s goal is to increase the capacity of Hub member organizations to embrace and serve justice-involved youth in North Lawndale, making investments not only in their direct services, but in their management,  administration, and overhead costs as well. The RJ Hub Director reports directly to LCLC’s Executive  Director.


  • Work closely with LCLC’s Executive Team to form strategies and partnerships with organizations that provide critical wrap around support services for North Lawndale justice-involved youth
  • Work with LCLC’s holistic legal team (primarily the Case Managers) to identify, coordinate, and connect LCLC youth and RJCC participants to the supportive services they need, as identified in their individual treatment plans and repair of harm agreements.
  • Nurture relationships, encourage values-based leadership, and foster collaboration among Hub members to build the North Lawndale community and prevent agencies from practicing in silos.
  • Coordinate monthly RJ Hub meetings in collaboration with RJ Hub members. Meetings are currently being held virtually in light of social distancing restrictions.
  • Onboard new Hub members who serve justice-involved youth 24 and under and support existing relationships with current Hub members.
  • Build relationships and regular communication with RJCC personnel, connect Hub members with RJCC personnel, and nurture the ongoing development of those relationships.
  • Execute and support all subcontracts with Hub partners providing services for LCLC youth and RJCC participants, including data sharing agreements, training agreements, community-benefits agreements, collaborative hiring and supervision agreements, and capacity building supports.
  • Seek investment and development not only of the direct services offered by Hub members, but also capacity-building investments in their management, administration, databases, and overhead.
  • Oversee, support, and ensure the successful delivery of community-based services for LCLC’s youth and RJCC participants.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications & Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree required. JD, MSW, MBA, or Masters in Non-Profit Management preferred.
  • Five years of experience coordinating and connecting justice-involved youth to supportive services.
  • Significant experience in community-organizing and building grassroots collaboration.
  • Five years of experience in non-profit management or community organizing.
  • Expertise in project management and gathering data for independent evaluation.
  • Excellent management, organizational, and administrative skills.
  • Training, experience, and expertise in Restorative Justice practices and principles.
  • Understanding of the criminal justice system.
  • Experience working with high-risk African American youth and emerging adults.
  • Deep familiarity with the North Lawndale community preferred.
  • Willingness to live in North Lawndale preferred.
  • Minorities and veterans encouraged to apply.


Please submit a cover letter, resume, and a list of three references to: Latrionna Moore, Director of Human Resources and Administration, at Include position title in email subject. The position, which is available immediately, will remain open until filled.

Lawndale Christian Legal Center is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, marital status, age, national origin, ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition, pregnancy, genetic information, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, veteran status, or any other status protected under federal, state, or local law. All aspects of employment including the decision to hire, promote, discipline, or discharge, will be based on merit, competence, performance, and organizational needs. Our goal is to be a diverse workforce that is representative of those we serve. 

North Lawndale residents and minorities encouraged to apply.