About Lawndale

North Lawndale is one of the most segregated, under-resourced, and heavily policed neighborhoods in Chicago.

North Lawndale was once a magnet for African Americans from the South seeking jobs and a better life in the North. But from the 1950s through the late 1960s, it suffered civil rights abuses and was stricken with the effects of “white flight.”

In the decades since, this community of great resilience and promise has struggled with a lack of economic investment,  jobs and critical services. Kids who grow up in Lawndale have limited access to the quality schools, clean air, playspaces, nutritious food, safe housing and health care they need to grow into healthy, productive adults.

There is one thing North Lawndale has in abundance–police. 850+ officers serve 35,000 residents. That’s over 10 times the national average of 2 officers for every 1,000 residents.

The community is reclaiming their power.

The good news is, we stand at a pivotal point where the momentum to redirect resources and shift power and back to the community is growing. We will continue to be a strong voice in the conversation about disinvesting in the criminal justice system and reinvesting in the community. Because we believe it is a much more effective way to ensure the peace, and secure safety and equity for everyone.

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Lawndale residents
African American
50 %
Under 24 years old
30 %
1 %
chicago's violent crime rate
0 x
of Illinois prisoners are from Lawndale’s Zip Code.
1 %