Our Team

We are more than community based, we are part of it.

About 70% of our staff members live in Lawndale. We know its people, its history, and its strengths and are committed to helping it thrive.


Executive Team

Cliff Nellis

Executive Director

Amy Campanelli

Vice President of Restorative Justice

Dawn Ruzich

Vice President of Research & Development

Matthew McFarland

Vice President of Procedural Justice and Residential Workforce Development


Director of Human Resources & Administration

Director of Finance

Dr. Dennis Deer, PhD

Vice President of Organizational Health & Management

Director of Holistic Social Services

Mark Lewis

Director of Holistic Legal Services

Nathaniel “Jimmy” Gaither

Restorative Justice Hub Director


Ernest Wilson

Director of Procedural Justice

Community Release with support

Carla Kundert 

Associate Director of Procedural Justice


Carmella Williams

Housing Coordinator

Sherrie Robinson

Executive Project Manager

Leo Baylor

Community Client Support Specialist


Genia Palmer-Stone

Data Entry Specialist


Alesisia Cobb

Community and Engagement  Supervisor


Jeff Russell

Community Client Support Specialist


LeVelle Brown

Community Client Support Specialist

Darold Wicker

Community Client Support Specialist

Fredrick Dennis

Data Entry Specialist

Christopher Cerda

Intake Client Support Specialist

Janiya Tillman 

Intake Client Support Specialist


Laura Reichel

Training and Impact Counsel


Maria Morales

Emerging Adult Holistic Defense Attorney


Heidi Hornemann

Emerging Adult Holistic Defense Attorney


Merrik Campagna


Jim Mullenix

Lead Attorney


Dontel Crowder

Juvenile Defense Attorney


Brendan Epton

Law Clerk

Arsema Tesfai


Shainna Grant



Napoleon English

Outreach Team Lead

Jewgrante Abraham

Outreach Worker

Mack Thomas

Outreach Worker

Marvin Harris

Outreach Worker

Migelan Almore

Outreach Worker



Case Management

Diana Glend

Supervisor of Juvenile Diversion


Carli Taylor

Emerging Adult Case Management Supervisor

Kiera Holmes

Holistic Case Manager Supervisor

Nichole Lamorgese

Community Navigator Supervisor


Heather Saunders

Victim Services Advocate

KaDarryl Bell

North Lawndale Case Manager


Mary Johnson

Emerging Adult Case Manager


Whitney Scott

Emerging Adult Case Manager

Jimalle Ridley

Juvenile Case Manager


Amari White

Juvenile Case Manager


Kilopatria Sims

Case Manager

Reanna Young

Juvenile Case Manager

Patrick Daniels

Emerging Adult Case Manager 


Liliana Ortiz

Emerging Adult Case Manager

Restorative Justice

Anthony Young

Restorative Justice Practitioner

research and Development

Jerry Kaufman, PhD

Director of  Research and Development


Neisha McNeal

Director of Development


Serita Lewis 

Grant Manager


Desmond Bailey

Grant Writer


Eli Zerof

Program Evaluator



TeNia Hutcherson

Accounting Manager

Andrea Bojorquez

Accounts Payable Staff Accountant

Martha Oyorzabal

Staff Grant Accountant

Human Resources

Antoinette Arnold

Human Resources Coordinator

Tonya Williams

Administrative Coordinator